Should you or shouldn’t you decorate your home while it is on the market during the Holidays

Do’s and Don’ts for decorating your home while it is on the market during the Holidays.


* White lights always look great and are in style. Accent along roof lines and/or corners of your home. It is something simple that makes a home look classy. Families are driving around or visiting relatives during the holidays and will notice your home over others.

ID-10091026* Share your holiday cheer and don’t put your beliefs and celebrations on hold for the sale. A home is a gathering place for families to celebrate the holidays and other occasions.

* Decorate with complimentary colors. White, gold, silver go well with cool colors palettes of interiors. Red and green, and silver and gold, go well with earth tones.

* Holiday decorations are a great way to spruce up your living space Put out a bowl of ornaments or pine cones with some glitter sprinkled over them, a green fresh wreath, or a simple garland to give your home a “wow” factor. You can also check pinterest, Better Homes and Gardens, or for some great ideas.


* Don’t put large inflatable decorations on your front lawn. The one’s where they remain uplifted by air will not look good if they are not inflated, so avoid them if your home is on the market.

* Don’t overdo the decorations and make your home look cluttered. This may hide the best aspects of your home. Decorate the fireplace mantel if you have one with some garland and avoid hanging personalized stockings. Make sure your tree is not too large for the room.

Wishing you a wonderful, safe Holiday Season!

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Staging a home to sell

Staging a home may help it sell faster

Will staging a home help me sell faster?

Statistics show that staging a home will help it sell significantly quicker. Most stagers bring in their own furniture, but sometimes they will work with existing furniture and consult on the best way to display in order to create open space.

Staging a home is an easy and quick way to help your home sell faster, which can save you time and money.


How Much Money Do I Need To Buy A House

I often get asked “How much money do I really need to come up with to buy a house?”

In my experience to do a conventional loan you need 5% down. In order to avoid PMI – private mortgage insurance – you need 20% down.

But you need to doublecheck with your mortgage lender. I can also provide referrals to mortgage lenders that I have worked with in conjunction with my clients.

The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) web site talks about how to buy with lower downpayments and how much money you really need.